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Great to meet again at Sibos 2022 in Amsterdam!

In contrast to previous years, this year's Sibos took place in Amsterdam. The conference agenda featured business leaders and topic experts from across the financial community and beyond, where the most impactful trends in technology, regulation, risks and sustainability were discussed.

Sibos also featured a mixture of small and larger scale networking events, enabling delegates from around the globe to catch up with key contacts and build new business relationships. Coupled with the opportunity to meet exhibitors from the worlds of banking, payments, securities services, fintech and technology, delegates gained the latest insights on the issues and business developments shaping the future of finance.

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Date: 10-13 October 2022
Venue: RAI Amsterdam, Amsterdam,
The Netherlands
Worldline Booth #F77

Worldline sessions at Sibos 2022



Growth in global payments: And the winners are…

Thu 13.10.22, 14:00, Conference Stage 3

From online marketplaces to small business flows, peer-to-peer remittances and an ever-growing gig economy, global payments are booming. But is the growth in cross-border payments beginning to shift away from traditional practices and providers to new methods and technologies? In this session, we’ll check the payment industry’s pulse and debate who is poised to capture the retail payments growth: banks, fintechs, central banks, market infrastructures, or even someone completely new?

Presenter: Michael Steinbach, Global Head of Financial Services




How the Metaverse Will Change the Financial Sector

Thu 13.10.22, 12:00, Exhibitor Stage

The Metaverse is one of the most talked-about evolutions in the digital space. It’s only a matter of time before the metaverse permeates the financial services sector, as it is committed to cater for the evolving needs of its customers. If consumer activities, such as shopping and banking, move to the metaverse, the question arises: where do payments and digital currency fit in this ‘otherworldly science fiction’ story? This session provides a Metaverse 101, and sheds light on how avatars pay and what this means for our industry.

Presenter: Veronica Alava, Business Development Manager Worldline


Payments technology designed for your ambitions


Worldline Payments Back-Office Processing

Worldline offers a smart way to streamline and automate your back-office processing based on your existing IT infrastructure. Worldline Payments Back-Office Processing optimizes your efficiency and savings without complexity.

Click below to learn more how you can benefit from our solution and gain relief to focus on your core business. 



Worldline Clearing & Settlement

Worldline offers automated clearing and guaranteed settlement with its instant solution. Worldline Clearing & Settlement helps you achieve lower liquidity risk and faster timelines with a highly configurable, most reliable solution.

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Worldline Digital Currency

Create and manage Digital Assets using our private blockchain technology.

Use our platform's potential to create your own payment ecosystem and digital currency. Give a new meaning to digital payment, with Smart and multi asset. We can provide you with an end-to-end solution that will increase operational efficiency, generate customer engagement with a full digital payment experience, and bring trust with your partners.




Worldline Account-to-Account Payments

Worldline offers a seamless way for consumers to pay with using credit transfer from their bank account. By being connected with more than 3.500 banks in 20 European countries this new payment methods provides a cheap and secure way to enable online and in-store payments for faster reconciliation for payment service providers like acquiring banks, PSP and TPPs.





Worldline Trusted Authentication

Our solution is compliant with regulations while implementing simple and fully secure authentication methods and is adaptable to different use cases.

Trusted Authentication has the capacity to provide the right balance between user experience and security by providing a seamless user journey with biometric and transparent authentication factors while protecting data’s users and blocking fraudsters attacks with our security modules. 



Worldline Blog - Sibos 2022 coverage

We actively followed what's happened at Sibos and performed live reporting from the event by publishing a series of Sibos-related blogs. In these blogs we discuss the hottest topics and share the latest insights and statements from industry leaders, straight from Sibos. Recap what's happened at Sibos by following our blogs. 

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Growth in global payments: and the winners are…

From online marketplaces to small business flows, peer-to-peer remittances and an ever-growing gig economy, global payments are booming. But is the growth in cross-border payments beginning to shift away from traditional practices and providers to new methods and technologies?

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Let’s get digital: a blueprint for the payments model of the future

Digital services and devices are shaping our experiences – and expectations – more than ever before. What does this mean for payments and how should we as an industry evolve? In the Sibos 2022 session 'Let's get digital: A blueprint for the payment model of the future', a group of banking colleagues gathered and looked ahead to the future of digital payment services.

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Supporting the next generation of cross-border payments

As the global financial industry continues moving towards instant and frictionless payments, there’s no doubt technology has a big role to play. How can technology be used to support this vision and further remove friction, optimise speed, and provide end-to-end integrity of business data? This question was at the heart of the Sibos 2022 session: ‘Star tech: Supporting the next generation of cross-border payments’. 

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Sustainable finance: the impact of ESG towards a better future

Environmental, social and governance (ESG) investing alludes to a set of non-financial standards for a company’s behaviour, used by investors to consciously screen potential investments. These factors continue to gain ground in the financial industry, guiding companies towards a purpose driven organisation by leveraging their core assets to enable sustainability. 
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A fragmented future or the path to standardisation? What innovation means for the payments landscape

The payments landscape is full of innovation, competition and opportunity. While these are driving development and enhancing services, it also brings forth emerging and continual challenges.

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Future of the payments industry: Buy Now Pay Later and the changing role of banks

For many companies - thanks to digitalisation – it is becoming easier and cheaper to develop their own financial services and implement them into existing services. Could that mean that banks as we have traditionally known them will undergo a drastic change? In this blog, Buy Now Pay Later is specifically highlighted as the next opportunity in open banking and digitalisation.
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The metaverse: the early days of a new digital world

The digital world offers myriad opportunities. It is becoming an increasingly popular trend to embrace the metaverse: more and more companies are taking the step to the new, if somewhat scary, digital world. At Sibos 2022, the metaverse and the possibilities of this expansive new world were discussed and detailed. 

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Global Payments Report 2022: The New Growth Game – identifying and addressing trends in the payments industry

The financial world continues to evolve at an accelerating pace, which in some cases brings additional challenges. Fortunately, the resilience of the payments industry is enormous. Global payment revenues (about $1.5 trillion in 2021) are expected to grow by 9 percent in 2022, despite current macroeconomic challenges. 

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The world is watching: hitting G20 targets for cross-border payments

The ability to facilitate international transactions and payments is crucial in our modern, global economy. Still, many challenges remain as to the efficiency of cross-border payments, despite the importance they have in overall global growth, economic development and financial inclusion.

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Connecting digital islands: joining up digital currencies and payment systems

Looking at previous Sibos editions, Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDCs) is a topic that keeps returning on the agenda and continues to get a lot of attention. The importance of CBDCs among central banks worldwide and to the future of public and private digital money has been increasing substantially throughout the years, and we’re here to keep fuelling this important and very much current debate.

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World Payments Report 2022: versatility, the future of innovation and the power of digital

Amidst uncertainty and unprecedented volatility across the payments industry as a result of the global COVID-19 crisis, the industry as a whole has displayed resilience and flexibility in the past year, according to the latest World Payments Report, recently issued by Capgemini. 

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Evelien Witlox: the ECB’s digital euro project & the power of CBDCs

We sat with Evelien to discuss the current payments landscape, the importance and impact that the digital euro can have, her role, and the priorities defining progress within the European Central Bank's project.

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