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WL Merchant Wallet

Re-enchant your customer journey to boost your revenue

Every day, a new merchant wallet sees the light of day, what about your Brand?

WL Merchant Wallet enhances your mobile app with payment functionalities, personalized services such as an easy self check-out to skip queue, and a digital contextualized animation of your best clients in a real-time before, during and after the purchase act to drive customer conversion.


Next-generation Android-based countertop
Open the way to a meaningful shopping experience
As a true Point of Interaction, our new high-end multifunctional device values the retail experience by adding interactivity between cardholders and merchants and unlocks the door to a new world of applications like the sales screen mirroring, order on table or charity that go far beyond just payment. Fully optimized for both countertop and mobile use, the ergonomic 360° design will meet and surpass your expectations whatever your market needs.


WL Online Payment Acceptance

Navigate the complexities of local and cross-border payment acceptance and remittance

More than just a global payment gateway partner, WL Online Payment Acceptance offers a wide range of service options which merchants can combine to create a tailored payments strategy that meets their business requirements. Whether you have your eyes set on North America, Europe, Asia Pacific or Latin America, Worldline can help you take your business there!


WL One Commerce Hub
Grow your business, engage your customers and differentiate your offering
WL One Commerce Hub is a single convergence platform for all payments in Europe and beyond. It allows merchants to expand business in new geographical markets with optimized transaction costs. It also provides merchants with the capabilities to deliver omnichannel client experience like try and pay later service. Directly supported by tokenization technology, WL One Commerce Hub empowers its clients by getting all transaction data in one place regardless of the point of interaction or the country.


Stock Prediction

Manage and optimize your stock by predicting sales

Stock management is costly and tedious, as the anticipation of client’s behavior is unpredictable and many parameters are uncertain such as seasonality, store location, promotions etc. The WL Stock Prediction solution, using Artificial Intelligence and Data Analytics, predicts sales depending on these external parameters and characteristics for an efficient and real-time stock management. Anticipate your overstock/ stockout and save cost!


Blockchain & Traceability

Provide a full visibility of the product lifecycle throughout the whole value chain

By using our Blockchain solution, you can efficiently manage products recalls in real time, have a better control of the various steps of your supply chain and use it as an instrument to demonstrate your good practices and the quality of your products to your clients.

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icone terminal

Terminal of payment

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Vending Machines