Autonomous machine payments for critical infrastructures

IoT technology can ensure performance and availability and report of any issue for critical infrastructure in an urban environment. In combination with blockchain technology, this IoT components will be able to interact with external services (i.e. maintenance) to fix any reported issue and may even pay for it autonomously. 

Koin – A stablecoin-based rewarding ecosystem

Koin consist of a rewarding ecosystem based on crypto-currencies and digital wallet to be used within a defined area such as a specific urban environment. This ecosystem rewards citizens with Koins when they commit a good action. Koins can be used to pay for local services or exchanged with other people. This reward system encourages the good behaviour of citizen for a better and more sustainable quality of life in urban environments.  

Origin, product traceability throughout supply chains over Blockchain

 A running platform ensuring traceability for international/local supply chains from the origin (i.e. field/sea) to the consumer and adaptable to any vertical (i.e. to different supply chain workflows) The platform digitalizes the whole supply chain, allowing better product control/recalls and (near) real-time sector data. Highly customizable within the ORIGIN label (several workflows in parallel to cover several verticals) and fully customized platform outside of it (i.e. white label), for food and non-food products. 

Bloomen, media content rights managed via Blockchain

A complete platform to create, manage and share a unique version of the rights associated to a digital asset (songs, photos, video streaming and potentially others). When a digital asset is consumed blockchain technology allows to easily identify the correct distribution of revenue and potentially triggers it automatically.  

Biometrics cold wallet to protect crypto-currencies & crypto-assets

This Demo will showcase the integration between Worldline smartphone stable coin app and biometrics smart card to manage the credentials of crypto wallet customer in the Worldline Blockchain platform.