A unique user experience with 3 demos that guarantee a seamless transportation journey. An end-to-end solution combining mobile app, voice assistant, contactless and open payment.



My Mobility Companion


Chatbot and Virtual Assistant


A digital assistant helps with the travelers’ journey by giving them information and directions and booking a parking spot.  It can suggest common means (eco-responsibility and gamification), book a parking spot, suggest public transportation top-ups and give travelers information (payment, loyalty and journey).




License Plate Recognition


The ingenious use of a VALINA using the Open Payment, WL Merchant Wallet and the license plate recognition of the vehicle via a webcam that facilitates the user experience. The end consumer only deals with paying via their bank card or smartphone.


WL Tap 2 Use

Enables contactless cards, mobile devices and wearable technology to be used for entry and exit of transit systems either delivered by passenger transport operators or passenger transport authorities. 

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