Mobile Banking App

In a context of increased fierce competition (FinTechs, neo banks, digital disruptors…) banks and financial institutions strive to shape cutting-edge digital services that fit the real-time expectations of the millennial generation.

The account opening in a few minutes including digital KYC, instant card issuing, and automatic onboarding/digitization into mainstream mobile payment solutions like Apple Pay or Google Pay are innovative expectations. Worldline streamlines mobile financial processes with a demo App re-taking its major feature enablers (authentication, mobile security, tokens enablement….).

Strong customer authentication solution based on end user’s mobile.

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Allows the cardholder to control himself the usage of its payment card as well as receive notifications on the usage of his card.

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This is the first offer of the market to offer all real-time card payment services including instant generation, activation and management of payment cards on a 100% real-time API basis via web and mobile channels. The innovative functions of WL 1-Click Card Issuing Processing are to enable the instantaneous issuance of a dematerialized bank card, the real-time management of the card life cycle, the personalized piloting of its payment method by the user. and receiving notifications during purchases. Its card can be immediately used on the internet and in store with NFC technology on Android and iOS.

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Conversational Banking opportunities


Conversational interfaces are set to reshape the way users interact with their banks, enabling a more natural and unified experience across all channels.

Worldline is always exploring solutions to help financial institutions to orchestrate end-to-end journeys and strongly engage with their customers.