Enriched connected digital services to enhance customer engagement

Worldline accompanies enterprises to enhance customer relationship and brand intimacy, transforming themselves from a Product Centric to a Customer Service company.

Connected coffee Machine

A complete demo to showcase 3 innovations: a new POS Android-based terminal, a social bot with included e-payment capability and a progressive web app that is the way to access to online services as using a mobile app but without any app installation! This demo aims to merge all channel of interaction with a customer (mob app, social bots, web app) and is the link between digital and physical experience (as known as phygital UX). 

WL Connected Home for Multi-Services Operators

Since 2009, Worldline has allowed its customers to become multi-service operators, by controlling an ecosystem of partners delivering services around connected objects. Cloud-based platforms help organizations to manage, develop and assemble their services in a secure way.  

A revolutionary Blockchain-based solution

Bureau Veritas leverages its expertise in food inspection and verification, its understanding of complex food supply chains, and its relationship with clients to bring the solution to market. Worldline designs, develops and provides hosting or software packages for the technical solution.