Integrated innovation

The energy-efficient XENTEO ECO is a complete self-payment solution for unattended payment environments requiring a PIN.  Everything about the XENTEO ECO puts users first, whether they are cardholders, integrators or technicians. Its built in ethernet connectivity, along with low power consumption, clean lines, an intelligent keypad and backlit display, and a range of other available options, make it a pleasure to use.


Innovation integrated

The standard integration kit makes XENTEO easy to install. The rear of the terminal has clear and accessible interfaces and handy click-on covers, as well as the menu and reset buttons. These all facilitate installation and maintenance. The terminal also supports numerous peripherals, including printers and custom input devices.


Transactions made easy

The user-centric design of XENTEO helps cardholders complete their unattended payments in no time at all. The large, anti-reflective backlit display improves readability, while the numeric keys are clearly distinguishable and separated from the command keys. Backlighting enhances key readability.


Robustness and security

The high-impact-resistant polymer housing, combined with a metal keypad means it's weatherproof and tamper-proof. XENTEO complies with today's international security standards, such as PCI PED and EMV. The terminal offers the top-level security and performance for which Worldline is renowned.


Manual hybrid card reader

To facilitate integration, the XENTEO card reader for smart cards and magnetic-stripe cards is separate from the terminal. The card reader has a long lifetime and is built into a metal bezel and a tamper-responsive housing. The secure link between terminal and card reader uses interrupt-based card recognition for real-time feedback to the cardholder when a card is inserted.



XENTEO builds on the same platform and uses the same interfaces as the XENTA countertop terminal. This compatibility means that software applications can easily be ported. It makes XENTEO ideal for:

  • Retailers who are looking for a self-check-out solution while deploying XENTA terminals for attended check-outs
  • Petrol stations that require both pay-at-the-pump solutions and indoor payment terminals