Customer Experience


Omni channel management

This layer technology enriches and integrates your existing IT channel infrastructure. It combines content with data and functionality from multiple underlying (legacy) applications into a single and seamless customer experience across all your channels. For the customer, our system provides personalization, along with a superior user experience and access from all devices (mobile, tablet, smart TV, PC).         


What it delivers: Increased customer retention and customer satisfaction, reduced time to market for highly innovative products; also enables inclusion of up- and cross selling offerings and recommendations.


Customer DNA Analysis    

This powerful, unified, integrated solution delivers a unique combination of an interactive Big Data management platform, permanently updated customer database, and consumer intelligence applications. Customer DNA Analysis can enable banks to gain deep insight into their customers, products, markets and behaviors. Achieving one-on-one targeting and create personalized offers to drive sales and increase customer intimacy, without dramatically changing organizational infrastructure or skillsets.


What it delivers: Competitive agility and the ability to understand your consumers better


Enabling cross- and upselling

Effective cross- and upselling of banking products and solution involves knowing your customers, tailoring offerings to customer groups and dynamically recommending solutions to them. To make this concept a reality you need data collection, a powerful analysis engine and a faster time-to-market process, as well as fast and lightweight creation of recommendation rules. We will be conducting a live demo of this process on our Stand.     


What it delivers: Effective cross- and upselling and maximum customer engagement.



In an omni channel environment, combining the bank branch with other sales and service channels can create an improved omni-channel customer experience and higher customer satisfaction. The bank branch of the future provides more effective customer support, personal consulting as well as self-service –inside an actual branch, at a retailer or inside a coffee shop. Through delivering the ‘e-Branch’, you can reach your customers more frequently, at any location, when- and wherever you engage them.   


What it delivers: Increased revenues, greater in-branch efficiency and the ability to be independent from being location-specific. Improving customer service and intimacy.




SEPA corporate suite

This white-label solution is designed to support banks to successfully implement SEPA payments. Developed to facilitate the adoption of SEPA instruments (SCT and SDD). The Suite is based on a modular architecture, which enables you to migrate to SEPA and implement the mandates end-to-end. The Suite also provides electronic signature of the mandates, and SEPA transaction management (SDD and SCT). The Suite also makes SEPA compliancy much easier and can integrate into most IT systems with minimum adaptation.


What it delivers: Seamless and successfully implements SEPA, it manages more than 250 million SDDs per year across Europe


Mobile wallet

The Worldline Wallet platform is a complete end-to-end payment solution that allows users to make online payments or contactless payments using their smartphone. It provides integration of mobile cloud payments into an existing payment infrastructure and is in line with all standard security and compliance requirements.


What it delivers: the Worldline Wallet provides total shopping convenience by supporting e/m-commerce, in-store payments, P2P, B2C, bill payments, extensible to other payment means beyond cards (SDD, SCT).


Interbank Payments

Cash Management

Our Mass Payments Highway (MPH) is an end-to-end payment engine. It captures payments from e-channels and includes gateways to CSM in order to extend its benefits to every aspect of payment processing. It is designed for delivering high performance at minimized operating cost. The MPH features customizable business workflows to develop flexible cash management services and enables predictive management of performance to mitigate operational risk, while extending service level to end customers.


What it delivers: Reduced operating cost and increased business agility in support of your commercial development. You will also benefits from quick wins when modernizing your retail payment processing.



CRISTAL T2S is a modular solution for DCP operations in Target2-Securities. It supports secure real-time management of new T2S accounts with Central Banks as well as the associated intraday credit services to clients. It also features collateral management as well as a comprehensive securities gateway for managing submission and monitoring of securities settlement instructions. CRISTAL T2S is natively multi-bank, multi-CSD, multi-NCB, and multi-currency.


What it delivers: Smooth integration and real-time control of liquidity, enabling you to reduce T2S funding requirements. 



Risk, Security and Compliance


Compliance as a Service      

A unique solution that outsources your compliance functions, such as Anti Money Laundering (AML) and sanctions management. It brings fresh thinking and new way of compliance management to bring more efficiency into your compliance process. At our stand, we will be showcasing a demo based on a UK bank study.          


What it delivers: increased efficiency in compliance management by sourcing it as a service.


Cyber-security risk management

A highly developed and effective end-to-end solution designed to manage cyber-security risk, including security advisory and audit, security monitoring and operations, identity management, data protection and penetration testing. We have proven this approach in our role as IT provider to the Olympic Games 2006-2024, where our Security Operation Centre at London 2012 neutralized 255 million security alerts in just 16 days, protecting performance.


What it delivers: end-to-end security; proven security operations; increased efficiency in security operations.


Liquidity Management

Through CRISTAL we consolidate intraday liquidity management across markets and entities. CRISTAL combines real-time monitoring of cash assets with control of payment outflows in order to reduce intraday liquidity peaks and the related liquidity risk. It features real-time reconciliation of forecast against actual cash flow in order to ensure settlement of timely payments and to secure closing of accounts. As well as this, it gives banks a comprehensive gateway to Target2, EBA, CHAPS, clearing banks and custodians.


What it delivers: Reduced intraday liquidity risk. It also allocates spare collateral to meet intraday funding requirements and Basel III compliance.


Trusted Authentication

User authentication has become a major concern, as the number of electronic transactions increases and the cases of fraud escalate. Device fingerprinting is a powerful tool we use to reduce this risk: collecting hardware and software data to characterize users’ terminal and combining this with the analysis of users’ behavior through their devices.


What it delivers: Durable trust in a digital economy. Our authentication solutions deliver efficient prevention of fraud, and easily integrate into banks’ information systems.