Georg Ludviksson, CEO & Co-founder of Meniga



Serial entrepreneur Georg Ludviksson co-founded Meniga in 2009. Georg started Meniga in the wake of the global financial crisis to help people better understand and manage their finances. Meniga has since raised around $14.5M in funding and is working with some of the largest banks in the world. Georg has almost 20 years of experience founding, building and managing global software start-ups including video game developer Dimon Software Ltd. in 1998 and real-time stock exchange simulator UpDown Inc. in 2007. From 2004 to 2006, he served as the Vice President of Sales for Men & Mice, a provider of specialized network management software to many of the world's largest organizations.



Meniga is a financial technology software company and global leader in next-generation digital banking solutions. It works with the world’s largest banks to help them make sense of their data and provides them with solutions to drastically improve their online & mobile customer experience to help their customers better manage their finances. Today, Meniga’s solutions are helping more than 40 million people across 18 countries around the world lead better financial lives.