Denis Kiselev - CEO of SnapSwap


Denis Kiselev established his fintech startup in Silicon Valley and then moved his headquarters to Luxembourg obtaining the first in Europe license to issue electronic money and provide payment services using Blockchain technologies. Before starting his own company Denis pursued successful career as an executive in traditional financial institutions in the US and in Europe. Denis holds academic degrees in Economics and Computer Science.



SnapSwap develops and operates Gloneta, an application that combines mobile payment functionality with social communication tools. Gloneta allows customers to send and receive instant free payments within the context of social interactions. Gloneta Remote KYC solution allows other banks to onboard customers via a mobile device, opening an account in less then 6 min.   

SnapSwap has developed an instant payment processing technology based on Blockchain solution to integrate financial transactions into the communication framework of a mobile messenger. Now customers can pay each other and pay merchants right in the conversation, without switching to another application. No need to find and enter an IBAN or other details – just click on your contact list.   

SnapSwap is the first company in Europe that obtained an Electronic Money Institution license that allows to provide payment services and issue electronic money on Blockchain technology.



Gloneta, send money from your phone