Banking Ecosystem

The banking ecosystem is on the go!

Banking is clearly evolving in a fast-paced and changing ecosystem, either in terms of regulatory compliance (PSD2, EBA Guidelines, MIF, AML4, SEPA etc.), evolving customer needs, the technologic profusion or the disruptive pressure of new entrants creating a new level of competition. Matering the digital transformation while taking into account all these challenges is the key for a successful bank while leveraging the trust customer have in banks.


New entrants

New entrants who are invited in an area reserved to date to banks: Fintechs, GAFA, Partnerships etc.

New Giants

Predictable rise in international schemes Visa and MasterCard which Weaken domestic card schemes


Accelerated payments market developments: 10 years for SEPA but only 3 years for Instant Payment. Need for new investments


Increasingly intrusive regulatory framework (MIF, SecurePay, PSD2, interoperabilty systems) and the emergence of a new « Instant Payment » payment method


New usages

New customer usages, technologies (digital, mobile) which impact service offerings and retail banking models.