Alexandre Lima, founder and Executive Manager of mooverang


Alexandre Lima, founder and Executive Manager of mooverang, is a pioneer of digital banking with over 15 years’ experience in the digital financial marketing sector.


Alexandre has been involved in the launch of several digital banking in France like Fortuneo or Boursorama banque. In 2014 he created mooverang in Spain, backed by Euroconsumers group, with one mission: make consumers’ lives easier by helping them to better manage their personal economy, to spend less and smarter and to enjoy more life.



mooverang is the only PFM in the world backed by a consumer organization: Euroconsumers, the biggest consumer association group in the world with more the 1.7 million subscribers in 5 countries (Belgium, Italy, Spain, Portugal and Brazil). It’s also the only PFM providing non-financial aggregation.


mooverang is not just a personal finance management tool. Most other PFM tools on the market are just distribution platforms for financial products. mooverang has a much wider appeal: it covers all household spending categories and helps users optimize each one of them with personalized recommendations (such as best products & services) and content based on the analysis of their data. The real value of mooverang is its ability to send relevant and tailored recommendations so users clearly know what to do to optimize their budget.


It offers many more possibilities to activate users, and offer them more value while generating more revenues.


Why can’t mooverang easily be copied by competitors? mooverang’s unique partnership with the largest consumer association in the world makes us an independent and trustworthy solution, and gives us access to high quality data such as prices comparison, market analysis and editorial content.