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VALINA reinvents unattended payments


VALINA is the first all-in-one Android-based payment terminal for PIN-secured transactions! EVA compliant measurements mean it fits kiosks, vending machines, parking machines, petrol stations and similar applications. This all-in-one terminal welcomes cardholders, accepting any method of electronic payment including EMV. It makes it easy for merchants to use value-added business applications (NFC loyalty, couponing, wallets).


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Contactless vandal-proof innovation

YONEO is a vandal-proof PCI PTS contactless payment terminal for use in unattended indoor and outdoor environments, for NFC payment without PIN using EMV, MIFARE and other cards. YONEO features onboard Ethernet and serial interfaces. Its compact, clever design, based on the TFT colour display and its backlighting, enhances the payment experience and makes the integration in the vending machine much easier and intuitive. 

At the Point of Sales

YOMANI touch

More than just payment services

Thanks to its large full-colour touch-screen and contactless reader, YOMANI touch offers a digital experience in line with current consumer expectations and lets merchants focus on extending customer interaction by offering more than just payment services: examples include promotional messages and conduct satisfaction surveys.


The perfect all-in-one payment terminal

With both wired and wireless connections, this compact, flexible terminal is able to read magstripe cards, chip cards and contactless devices, and handles WiFi, Bluetooth and 3G configurations. Its large TFT colour touch-screen is ideal for displaying publicity and other information when not in use for payment transactions.

On the move


Compact and lightweight, YOXIMO is extremely portable: in your hand, clipped to your belt, in its carrying case, or in your bag. Tough enough for long missions, it features a unique revolving privacy shield as part of its user-friendly design. Its wireless communication interfaces and its TFT colour display make it the ideal solution for both portable and mobile applications: on-the-road transactions, in-store promotions, the hospitality sector and so on.

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