Atos Digital Retail solutions



As the leading player in IoT and  Digital transformation, Atos is positioned as a global enterprise partner in the strategic transformation from a “manufacture & sell” mode into a “sense and respond” mode. Through the use of the latest digital technologies we help redesign and unify all touchpoints of the customer journey, focusing on 4 core domains of retail digital transformation:

Customer Experience

Providing 360° omnichannel experience, anytime, anywhere…


Atos Consulting helps retail players drive strategy to performance, putting the customer first and changing the way organizations do business: redefine Value Chain to disrupt competitive positions; adapt the technology strategy to support the digital business strategies, empower the workforce.

Business Reinvention

Leveraging data capital to re-invent customer centricity...


Atos Data Analytics solutions offer the first complete analytics approach that can help organizations transform unstructured data into both reactive and predictive business insights. We propose consulting methodology & Data Science initiatives, alongside ready-to-deploy analytics tools (customer 360°,Data Sharing, Prescriptive Analytics, Fraud Management), and advanced analytic software platforms based on High Performance Infrastructures to assure ultimate performance (because microseconds matter).

Operational Excellence

Streamlining operations for agility & cost control…

Effective transformation requires a solid foundation of core IT services capable of delivering a seamless, unified and business-driven customer experience. We help retailers define, deploy & operate Customer driven product life cycles & ‘servicization’ strategies (connected products & product as a service, PLM & 3D, personalized manufacturing, customer led innovation), Integrated enterprise management & orchestration for production effectiveness & mass personalization, optimized supply chains  using cross-organizations collaboration & supply chain intelligence for real-time optimization (Demand Forecasting, Transportation CPDS, Assembly to order, 3DPrinting…).

Atos Application Management (Legacy, ERP,…) & IT Outsourcing  enables retail players to release their resources currently locked in “keeping the lights on” and invest more in their strategic initiatives. With the Bridge, we innovate by providing the first business metrics driven process management services, enabling to truly drive IT by business results! And Atos Automation & Robotic Platform enables retailers to go beyond labor efficiency by enabling true labor elimination.

Trust & Compliance

Providing trusted foundations for all digital exchanges…


As world leader in Cyber Security, Atos has a unique expertise in helping retailers better manage risk whilst leveraging security and compliance as a business benefit, placing it at the very heart of a digital growth strategy. With a range of unique security technologies that cover the entirety of the value chain and eight 24x7 Security Operations Centers across the world Atos offers one-of-a-kind expertise to assess risks, safeguard data, enable trust & defend 24x7 in real-time against attacks.

Across these 4 domains, the Cloud will be the core transformation engine. As the leading hybrid cloud provider in EMEA, Atos Digital Private Cloud enables corporations to leverage this Private Cloud as the pivot of their hybrid cloud strategy, being the orchestrator and service broker between legacy IT and multiple public clouds. By focusing on business-oriented solutions we implement, transform and support retailers every step of the way, reducing your time-to-value.