An innovative car-based payment solution with GENIVI, the new automotive Operating System

Our next-generation In-Vehicle payment service uses the GENIVI automotive operating system which runs on connected consumers’ cars equipped with recent head units (embedded tablet in the car dashboard).

Our new In-Vehicle payment proof-of-concept offers a seamless drive-thru experience with an onboard merchant application, including car identification using beacon devices and automatic launching of the wallet payment solution from the merchant app hosted in the car manufacturer's app store. It allows the driver to pay for goods or services directly from his connected car securely with a single click.

WL Wallet
Beyond payment, WL Wallet secures the consumer digital identity during the entire customer journey to make the shopping experience seamless, while reducing fraud and increasing security. With the integration of loyalty programs and couponing, or any ticketing, it reinforces your customers' engagement, by giving them access to digital retail services.

Always-on Wallet

Never miss the opportunity to sell online wherever your customers are

Today, we are not yet in such a connected world. Sometimes, Internet connectivity fails and paying with a mobile wallet can be difficult in some areas. Always-on Wallet is an innovative wallet app which launches if no connection is detected (no 3G, 4G or Wi-Fi connection) where the buyer is shopping. The app detects the Always-on Wallet gateway by seamlessly using the Bluetooth interface (Bluetooth for Android and Bluetooth Low Energy for iOS). As no pairing is required, the end-user experience is transparent and the wallet app always validates the online payment transaction!

WL trusted Authentication

WL Trusted Authentication makes the most of device and context data to provide a Software Secure Element in regular smartphones or other personal devices, and to protect end users’ most valuable asset: their identity. This solution particularly fits retail banks’ needs, enabling a single, strong authentication method for online banking, 3-D Secure and other digital and mobile services (such as WL Wallet). But it is also intended for any type of organization which needs to make remote access secure for its users.
WL Trusted Authentication brochure

Innovative features for our mobile strong authentication solution

Additional hardware authentication factor with hands-free interaction thanks to the integration of a FIDO-compliant Bluetooth Low Energy token provided by Fintech partners enrich our WL Trusted authentication solution.


New, seamless multifactor biometric authentication is also available: the “bio typing”, face, voice and gait recognitions are combined to strengthen and simplify mobile user interaction.

Donation Box

The latest Worldline connected moneybox concept is an innovative service for micro-donations with our multichannel e-payment acceptance system WL Sips that makes the process of donating money to a merchant’s favorite charity as easy as clicking on an “opt-in” button. The interface is integrated into standard payment workflows and donations are sent directly to the charity’s bank account.

Worldline supports BIG

WL Tap2Use

Leading the way in the next generation of ticketing technology

WL Tap2Use solution will improve passenger satisfaction through convenience and flexibility, while increasing revenues and reducing costs for transport operators.

With WL Tap2Use and contactless bank cards, life is so much easier. No need to pay upfront in order to pre-load a smart card and no guessing how much credit is left on it. Passengers just pay as they go, and keep an eye on their payments.