WL Contact



WL Contact is developed and operated by our experts to ensure the utmost control and enables Worldline to meet your needs perfectly with an omni-channel, Cloud-native platform for call centers which supports both traditional and digital channels. New features are now available such as:

  • the integration for the collaboration tool Circuit by Unify to create an omni-channel experience with the blending of contact center and unified communications tool: all the customer entry points are managed by this unique consolidated tool.
  • the video channel which which new customer journeys are possible, such as setting an appointment wherever you or your customers are, and the interactions are interactive (through co-browsing, screen sharing, pointer, drawing and annotations, etc.).
  • calls digitalization demonstration to improve the customer journey and promote digital services and channels. This solution, made by our partner DialOnce, converts calls into a digital interface and helps to raise end-users’ awareness of digital transformation.

Social Bot is a real new channel of interactions for the brand which complements Mobile website and Mobile apps!

Come to our booth to challenge and test “Niko”, our new Social Bot. Play with him, beat the best players and have your photo taken at the top of the digital podium. Discover also how Social Bots is a simple way of delivering online services (self-care and self-service with text, image, video, etc.), a new channel for customer relationship management and push information, a way to collect qualified information and the possibility to be an intermediary for actual contact centers!

Proximity Services: A new smart beacon device

Delight your customers by enhancing in-store experiences through differentiation of your brand from the competition.

With this innovative device, retailers and manufacturers can deploy their marketing campaigns and in-store services without the Internet connectivity required by our cloud services. Proximity services with smart beacons can deliver proximity promotions based on customer’s context only with BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) connectivity. A Customer Experience Enhancement demonstration will show you how proximity can improve customer experience providing in-store services such as check-in, out-of-stock alerts or location-based ordered shopping lists.