Vehicle Relationship Management App

A web portal with real-time information on the vehicle’s health.

Data are collected on the vehicle each time it is serviced through the driver and dealer interfaces. This solution also enables real-time behavior follow-up, eco drive analytics, and fleet services thanks to data collection and analysis. Car owners can share their vehicle’s data with their favorite car dealer through an opt-in process in the mobile apps. Likewise, the car dealer can transfer valuable data into the car maintenance book in the VRM app. The data are registered and secured via the blockchain and certify the fair value of the car.

Car maintenance book

A reliable car maintenance book to help trace car repairs and services

This digital car service book uses blockchain technology to record car maintenance. It consists in a peer-to-peer network between car owners’ smartphone apps (Vehicle Relationship Management apps) or the onboard car calculator and garages or other service providers’ apps. Thanks to its blockchain capabilities, this car maintenance book prevents falsified records. The car servicing history will also provide unquestionable evidence of the value of second-hand carse-payment services


Connected Citizen

This proof-of-concept aims to provide a common platform where public institutions and government bodies can enter existing information about their cities through the use of open data. This makes it possible to provide citizens and third parties with online public services, and to manage operational data and citizen information within a controlled environment.




Smart Packaging displays extended digital product information using mobile devices

This proof-of-concept, when applied to pharmaceutical industry packaging, allows every type of user to see their own personalized package with additional customized content, thanks to an NFC tag incorporated into the medicine packs. For a given product, when tagged with a smartphone, personalized content is shown which is adapted to the reader’s role.


Social Care aims to create a network support to enable sustainable social care and empower independent living for the elderly.

A networked assistance/care platform for patients and their caregivers (professional and informal) empowers health self-management and facilitates remote monitoring to enhance independent living and a better quality of care at home. Connected Assistance is an IoT-centered platform that enables patient health data self-management through the use of wearables, medical devices and home sensors. Once captured, health data is securely transmitted to health providers for analysis and monitoring.
The Social Care solution, based on the Connected Assistance platform, is aimed at elderly people. It builds a social assistance ecosystem that enables direct communication with any member in the care network and health data remote monitoring by using a smartphone application).