Connected traveller

Increase customer commitment & Improve brand loyalty

Connected Drivers’ solution

is a smartphone app that connects cars through an OBD Dongle that is easy and fast to install. It assists car owners with high-quality traic and routing maps, best fuel price locations, vehicle condition status, car repair and maintenance information, eco-driving
advice, and more.

The My Station mobile app

enables mobile application enables front-line platform sta to carry out their tasks quickly and easily, focusing on the relevant platforms, trains or activities. The My Station solution is accessible from a smartphone, tablet or PC and provides the user with all of the information needed for eicient platform management whilst also reducing the amount of paper needing to be carried.

Instant app

is a mobile application which suggests other mobile apps according to the user’s immediate situation and changing needs. With Instant App, users receive the right apps where and when they need them and so benefit from relevant notifications, apps suggestions and discounts to be used accordingly.

WLTrusted Authentication

is now enhanced with two new authentication factors: mobile biometrics (based on face recognition) and a FIDOcompliant security key (a FIDO U2F hardware token which the user taps on his smartphone). Today, Worldline Trusted Authentication is already widely deployed to secure sensitive operations through white-label applications and SDK and is available for all platforms on the market.

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