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WL Connected Living solutions

enables home owners to interact with their household appliances in real time, anywhere and at any time. Their after-sale experience is more comfortable thanks to customized advice and the eiciency of remote diagnostics. Connected Home is based on a standard home Wi-Fi connection and highly secured WL Connected Living platform hosted in the Worldline Cloud.




Connected Assistance

This Proof Of Concept aims to address some of concerns related to the increase of life expectancy by oering a “life management” service for the vulnerable and elderly. Centered on wearable technology, it creates an Assistance Network that can help patients live independently, while providing peace of mind to family and loved ones. This concept is to be used with real-life patients, testing the solution in a practical way.

WL Connected Piggy Bank

is a Worldline innovative concept of a banking service personified by a connected moneybox, providing an educational and fun experience for children and their family while enhancing brand image and customer loyalty for the bank.


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