Showcased Solutions

WL Sips

The online payment solution

WL Sips enables merchants to accept all payment types, no matter whether it is a credit card, a private card, a bank transfer or a digital wallet. WL Sips provides flexible payment solutions that are completely customizable and adapted to all kinds of payment channels. This way, users benefit from a seamless payment experience.
Worldline addresses the desire for payment channel convergence by efficiently answering new use cases with its payment acceptance solutions and its wide range of terminals, fully integrated to WL Sips.

WL Store Acceptance

A simple and central management

Transactions collection, terminals fleet administration, terminals maintenance

Centralized merchant payment services to smoothly run merchant businesses thanks to a consolidated overview of their omnicommerce activity..

WL Marketplace Payment Management

As a regulated partner, Worldline is offering a comprehensive solution for marketplace payment management. It includes the vendors’ onboarding process compliant with the regulator and scheme rules and throughout the vendor lifecycle in the marketplace system. The solution also manages the pay-in of multi-vendors basket to allow a single checkout for a seamless payment experience. The pay-out is then processed with a payment to each vendor involved in the purchase along with the marketplace fees. 

WL Fraud Risk Management for e-merchants

Detect fraud risks in your e-business

Worldline has developed an anti-fraud solution assessing the risks throughout the whole purchasing path of customers in order to prevent e-merchants from fraud attempts while increasing their conversion rate. Our fraud experts can help e-merchants to refine their anti-fraud tool to better fit with their activity and to continuously improve the fraud prevention.

WL Merchant Wallet

Energizing your customers’ engagement

Beyond payment, WL Merchant Wallet secures the consumer digital identity during the entire customer journey to make the shopping experience seamless, while reducing fraud and increasing security. Your loyalty program and couponing, or any ticketing, as value added services, can be interfaced with the white-label wallet platform.

WL Digital Platform

WL Digital Platform orchestrates and stores securely all business referential (catalog, prices, stores) and all data generated by the shopping experience. The digital platform leverages essential data from all channels in real time to efficiently meet new customers’ expectations. WL Digital Platform leads a progressive digital transformation to blur the lines between all sales channels.

WL eBanking Payment Management

A flexible platform providing a large range of services

Thanks to 10 years of experience in routing services through iDEAL and its extensive knowledge of the SEPA payment regulations, Worldline  has developed a strong solution integrating other OBeP schemes like MyBank. The Multi-services OBeP  Platform is flexible and can be updated to deliver new services like e-identity checks.

WL Terminals

Worldline offers a large range of payment terminals as well as innovative and highly reliable security modules for all sectors and needs. 

WL Trusted Authentication

WL Trusted Authentication makes the most of device and context data to provide a Software Secure Element in regular smartphones or other personal devices, and to protect end users’ most valuable asset: their identity. This solution particularly fits retail banks’ needs, enabling a single, strong authentication method for online banking, 3-D Secure and other digital and mobile services (such as WL Wallet). But it is also intended for any type of organization which needs to make remote access secure for its users.

WL ACS (Access Control Server)

With the ever-rising number of online payments, both banks and issuing organizations face increasing fraud threats. The challenge for them is to provide secure and cost-efficient proof of identity to their cardholder populations. More than 80 banks in the world have already chosen WL ACS (Access Control Server) to manage the 3-D Secure service with a wide range of authentication methods. WL ACS is PCI DSS and Verified by Visa certified. It can be easily interfaced with external authentication environments. WL ACS is a core component of Worldline fraud portfolio services.



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