Instant Payments

Instant Payments


WL Trusted Transactions

Thanks to 10 years of experience in routing services through iDEAL and its extensive knowledge of the SEPA payment regulations, Worldline has developed a strong solution integrating other OBeP schemes like MyBank. The Multi-services OBeP Platform is flexible and can be updated to deliver new services like e-identity checks.


WL Payment Back Office Processing

Numerous developments, such as the introduction of Instant payments and increasing regulatory requirements, force the payments industry to reshape payment processing dramatically.

With equensWorldline, you can rely on: 

-      One integrated, modular payment platform for all payment types and currencies

-      Full processing support, including validation and enrichment of payments, compliancy checks, initiation of account            debiting and crediting, and routing transactions for settlement between banks.

-      A reliable, secure and highly scalable infrastructure with 24/7/365 availability

-      Real-time processing capabilities and immediate status information

-      Burden-free & cost-effective compliance, now and in the future

-      Lower costs as fixed operational costs are replaced by variable costs

-      And … you can choose different service models, depending on your sourcing strategy.


WL Clearing & Settlement Management

To maximise market penetration, equensWorldline facilitates a connection to the EBA network, resulting in a Single Point of Contact for clearing and settling your complete range of payment transactions.

-      SEPA Credit Transfer: With full reach to the eurozone, benefit from Europe’s lowest costs for international transfers          at rates lower than those for domestic transfers.

-      SEPA Direct Debit: Fast and simple compliance with industry standards for direct debits and management of all your        non-core banking activities..

Use equensWorldline clearing and settlement services to:

-      Lower your liquidity risk and improve revenues. With our 30-minute settlement cycle from 07.00 to 17.00 hrs. CET,          you will benefit from lower settlement account balances.

-      Connect to the whole of Europe through a Single Point of Contact.

-      Reduce transaction costs and simplify SEPA compliance.