eIDAS : Digital Identity and Trust Services


Worldline offers eIDAS compliant solutions for eSignatures, eSeals or certificates preservation related to Trust services.


WL eContract places fully digital end-user agreements within business workflows across multiple channels (web, mobile, tablet), using digital signatures and time-stamping to comply with European standards.

• Opens all digital channels

• Improves revenue and accelerates sales cycle

• Creates legally admissible documents

• Increases reliability and security

• Ensures regulatory compliance


WL Digital Preservation solutions guarantees integrity of customers’ stored data. A secure storage suite offering levels of security suitable for enterprises, individuals or highly regulated organizations, providing a scalable resource with reduced risk and low costs.

• Ensures privacy of all information

• Ensures the safety of the service

• Retains the legal value of digital document

• Provides additional features with easy access to information

• Controls costs and supports transition towards paperless transactions


WL Digitization solutions brochure