David Birch

Meet David Birch

David Birch will visit us at our booth on Tuesday the 27th of June at 10a.m. This will be the first opportunity to receive a copy* of his new book “Before Babylon, Beyond Bitcoin” (see details below) and potentially get a signed copy. Stay updated with Worldline on social media to know when the event will take place. 

About David Birch

David Birch is an internationally recognized thought leader in digital money and digital identity. He is a director of Consult Hyperion, a technical and strategic consultancy that specializes in electronic transactions. He is the author of Identity Is the New Money. 

The new Book

“Before Babylon, Beyond Bitcoin
- From Money That We Understand To Money That Understands Us”

Money is changing, and this book looks at where the technology of money might be taking us in the future. Technology has transformed money from physical objects to unseen bits of information. With the arrival of smart cards, mobile phones and Bitcoin it has become easier than ever to create new forms of money. Crucially, money is also inextricably connected with our identities. Your card or phone is a security device that can identify you – and link information about you to your money.


* A limited number of books will be distributed on first in first served base.