Showcased Solutions

Showcased Solutions


Connected Consumers


Digital Retail

We leverage consumer engagement with cutting-edge, seamless services for merchants on any device - before, during and after the point of sale – with payment as the “single point of truth”. This includes designing services and solutions, as well as implementing these solutions and managing the resulting services daily on our clients’ behalf.


Our data-driven solutions help merchants reinforce customer engagement through interactive digital signage and in-store discounts. To develop these services, we work closely with leading market partners such as Samsung, with whom we established a strategic partnership in June 2013. Together, we have developed digital signage and tablet-based solutions that leverage Samsung’s technology and Worldline’s expertise in integration, payment and mobility.

Digital retail



Worldline Wallet is a platform that enables clients to incorporate a proven wallet solution into their existing infrastructures. It comprises a secure personal data element, a directory element that enables interconnectivity with merchants, and a secure authentication element for securing multichannel payments. It also can incorporate value-added services such as loyalty programs and couponing.

Digital contract

Digital contract

Worldline’s Digital contract solution supports customers’ round-the-clock operations, improves revenue and accelerates sales cycles. It places fully digital end-user agreements within business workflows across multiple channels (web, mobile, tablet), using digital signatures and timestamping to comply with regulatory European standards.




Through its Contact offering, Worldline provides mobile applications that enable its customers to bridge the gap between a real self-service solution and a live service, so callers can quickly be connected with qualified agents. In addition, Worldline designs mobile applications for supervisors and managers to monitor the activity of their contact centers wherever they are.

Connected Citizen


Worldline Connected Citizen aims to provide a common platform where public institutions and government bodies can enter existing information about their cities through the use of open data. This makes it possible to provide citizens and third parties with online public services, and to manage operational data and citizen information within a controlled environment. Worldline’s solution intends to give city councils tools for providing citizens with information about various city-related subjects, as culture, transport or tourism, through several multicity apps.

“Worldline Connected Citizen will help you enhance intimacy with citizens. It is a ‘plug-and-play’ platform that will connect you with citizens and give you tools for setting up a two-way communication channel.”

By using Worldline’s solution, city councils will boost citizens’ participation and the promotion of city events and facilities. They will also be able reduce operational and administrative costs.



connected citizen

Connected Hotel


The Worldline Connected Hotel solution will provide all the tools an hotel needs to connect to guests and help them at the moment and through the channel that are the most convenient for them (smartphones, interactive screens, interactive rooms and spaces, etc.) 

“Worldline Connected Hotel will enable hoteliers to engage with their customers throughout their customer journey, from destination discovery and hotel booking to after-stay feedback. Constant Hotel adaptation to guests’ requirements will result in better guest experience and hotel profitability.”  With Worldline Connected Hotel, guests use their own smartphones to interact with a wide range of hotel services such as room reservation; check-in and check-out; discovery and reservation of hotel services; destination discovery; local discounts; interaction with the room and interactive spaces such as the connected gym, etc. Furthermore, the system has been designed to be extensible in terms of services, volumes and channels. Therefore, hoteliers are sure that the solution will constantly adapt to the requirements of guests and hotels alike.



Connected Living


Worldline Connected Living provides a unique combination of:

  • a platform that delivers IoE (Internet of Everything) services,
  • payment processing,
  • monetization of Business Partners services.

Our goal is to unify value-added services from a large ecosystem of best-in-class providers sharing the same secure access to a Connected Object, through our Worldline Connected Living platform delivered using a SaaS model.

“Whatever your Product is, we can connect to it and help you engage with your customers in a profitable way.” Worldline focuses on the user experience, which is a differentiating strategic approach for its clients. Worldline’s Connected Living provides innovative solutions and business models that are suitable for (add icons for each sub offerings)



connected living

smart ticketing

Smart Ticketing


From browsing journey schedules to checking in via a mobile phone, Worldline makes it possible to increase travelers’ comfort while reducing costs for transport companies. In the transport domain, the current business drivers are related to fraud reduction and the development of direct distribution activities. Furthermore, railways and other public transportation systems are increasingly recognizing the potential benefits that may derive from electronic ticketing, improved route management and enhanced customer information systems. Worldline supports this sector by providing e-ticketing services, railway services (a series of “smart” route management services), and software platforms for multimodal itinerary management and booking, which make journey planning easier.

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