Showcased Solutions

Showcased Solutions


Worldline Integrale provides the means to get “the right resources in the right place at the right time” and in the process creates a real-time system. This is one of the most significant innovations in the running of UK rail during the last twenty years.


Worldline AFC is an integrated multimodal and multi-channel e-ticketing solution, from journey planning, ticket buying, smart ticketing and fare collection.


ROMAN (Route Management System) is the top-ranking solution for timetable management and extend its innovative lead.

ROMAN enables its clients to optimize their business and get significant reduction in processing transportation demands, production costs of the timetable and related products, resources and investment and allows faster response to end customers requests.

End-to-end train manager

For validation of e-transactions in real time, Worldline provides mobile devices to the railway company employees to control on the train and bought the tickets. Tickets can also be removed at the station using the self-service kiosks provided by Worldline in the context of kiosks activities or by an external contractor. Worldline e-ticketing service systems are used on a large number of lines of franchised railways in the UK.


The PromoWall is an interactive digital screen displaying coupons that can be captured by shoppers with an Android smartphone app. The solution also provides a campaign manager backend system that allows retailers to create, manage and schedule the promotions displayed on the PromoWall.

Sips multi channel payment

Sips, Worldline online payment solution, enables merchants to accept all payment types, no matter whether it is a credit card, a private card, a bank transfer or a digital wallet. Sips provides flexible payment solutions that are completely customizable and adapted to all kinds of payment channels. This way, users benefit from a seamless payment experience. Worldline addresses the desire for payment channel convergence by efficiently answering new use cases with its payment acceptance solutions and its wide range of terminals, fully integrated to Sips.

Zero Effort Payment

A zero effort payment with a terminal and the users’ mobiles and indoor location technologies. Seamless compared to a usual shopping experience.

The customer is actor of his payment experience (chooses merchants he wants to deal with this payment solution, amount threshold and way of validating a payment)


Worldline Wallet is a platform that enables clients to incorporate a proven wallet solution into their existing infrastructure. It comprises a secure personal data element, a directory element to allow for interconnectivity with merchants, and a secure authentication element for securing multichannel payments. It also can incorporate value-added services

such as loyalty programs and couponing.

Fraud risk Management for e-merchants

A unique and complete solution for end-to-end risk analysis, before, during and after the payment.

  • Prevention before the pay-page is reached in order to efficiently tackle true fraudsters without any impact on honest customers.
  • Real-time analysis for finely estimating the potential risk of a transaction in order to get rid of false positives and improve the conversion rate.
  • A tool that is constantly being improved thanks to a qualified database that enables fraud experts to support you on a daily basis.


Depending on the closest iBeacon users are situated in points of sales or in public areas, an image is displayed on their mobiles to enrich the user experience based on the location.


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