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Showcased Solutions


connected living

Connected Living


Enable your digital transformation and bring new services to your customers


Our Connected Living solutions will allow you to:


  • transform your Products to Services to create more customer intimacy
  • monetize innovative services and make value with specific products
  • build your services ecosystem
  • use fresh IoT data and analytics to optimize own business

Worldline is the IT partner with assets and business models to share success and risks on building highly innovative IoT business.


Connected Vehicles


The time of Telematics features is over; it is now time for the profitable Connected Vehicles business. Connecting your vehicles is not about a physical Link to your vehicles, but about creating a business Link with your customers.

connected vehicles


Worldline is your partner of choice on the connected vehicle market whether you are vehicle manufacturer or tier-1 supplier. To assist you with this transformation, we provide a unique product range based on the combination of our professional and technological expertise: in-depth knowledge and experience in the automotive market, expertise in the field of service platforms, contextual mobility, machine-to-machine communication, electronic shopping and payment, and the capacity for global implementation using «cloud» and «pay-per-use» models.


Thanks to these capabilities, we enable you to deliver new contextual digital products (Apps, Contents, Service subscriptions) and improve your core activities both for vehicle selling & after-market activities, thus giving you the ability to change the game in your industry by:


  • switching to service provisioning, upgrading your business model and generating more profitable business.
  • developing customer intimacy during and after the sales process, providing additional opportunities to sell more to the current customers who are loyal to your product.


Initiate the digital transformation of your business with Worldline to deliver distinct value and improve your brand equity!




Digitization is nothing new, but the pace of change is accelerating. The challenge is to deliver the advantages of speed, efficiency, reliability and user-friendliness whilst maintaining, or even improving, levels of security and trust for all paperless purposes. With 40 years of experience in transactional services and a proven track record of innovation, Worldline has the expertise and technology to help you implement seamless digitization solutions across your entire organization and to give you the opportunity to innovate and grow new revenue streams!



Digital Contract

Digital Contract
supports customers’ round-the-clock operation


Places fully digital end-user agreements within business workflows across multiple channels (web, mobile, tablet), using digital signatures and time-stamping to comply with European standards.

  • Opens all digital channels
  • Improves revenue and accelerates sales cycle
  • Creates legally admissible documents
  • Increases reliability and security
  • Ensures regulatory compliance

Digital Preservation

Digital Preservation
guarantees integrity of customers’ stored data


A secure storage suite offering levels of security suitable for enterprises, individuals or highly regulated organizations, providing a scalable resource with reduced risk and low costs.

  • Ensures privacy of all information
  • Ensures the safety of the service
  • Retains the legal value of digital document
  • Provides additional features with easy access to information
  • Controls costs and supports transition towards paperless transactions


trusted authetification

Trusted Authentication

Faced with the growing number of personal online services, organizations must provide appropriate tools for securing their customers’ usages against the fraud related to identity.

Thanks to its expertise in payments, mobile technologies and security, Worldline can provide a turnkey service in SaaS mode that includes all the functionalities required by its clients. The security of the registration process is based on the activation of the application through reinforced authentication.

The service is open to all types of applications that require authentication on mobiles, tablets or PCs and for any type of operating system. Authentication works in single-channel mode as well as in cross-channel mode.

Energy Security Suite


A mandatory requirement for the new smart metering systems in the energy sector is the secure and confidential transmission of consumption data from smart meters via the gateway to external authorized market players. The Energy Security Suite of Worldline is based on 40 years of experience with the implementation of the highest safety standards and the reliability of electronic payment systems. The sophisticated and proven complete solution allows energy companies secure and legally compliant communications for smart metering for optimum throughput, highest availability, reliability and ease and needs-based scalability.





All the benefits of the Cloud for your cross-channel contact centre!


To be able to meet your clients' increasingly pressing interactivity needs, your contact centre must be efficient and accessible through all channels of contact.


Worldline has designed a Cloud solution which enables:

  • high customization capacity,
  • integration into an existing ecosystem (CRM, worksforce management, etc.),
  • strong SLA guarantee,
  • strict compliance with the highest security standards (PCI DSS),
  • speedy implementation.





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