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WL Connected Living Solutions


Enable your digital transformation and bring new services to your customers


Our Connected Living solutions will allow you to:


  • transform your Products to Services to create more customer intimacy
  • monetize innovative services and make value with specific products
  • build your services ecosystem
  • use fresh IoT data and analytics to optimize own business

Worldline is the IT partner with assets and business models to share success and risks on building highly innovative IoT business.


“Whatever your Product is, we can connect to it and help you engage with your customers in a profitable way.”


connected vehicles

WL Connected Vehicles


The time of Telematics features is over; it is now time for the profitable Connected Vehicles business. Connecting your vehicles is not about a physical Link to your vehicles, but about creating a business Link with your customers.


Worldline is your partner of choice on the connected vehicle market whether you are vehicle manufacturer or tier-1 supplier. To assist you with this transformation, we provide a unique product range based on the combination of our professional and technological expertise: in-depth knowledge and experience in the automotive market, expertise in the field of service platforms, contextual mobility, machine-to-machine communication, electronic shopping and payment, and the capacity for global implementation using «cloud» and «pay-per-use» models.


Thanks to these capabilities, we enable you to deliver new contextual digital products (Apps, Contents, Service subscriptions) and improve your core activities both for vehicle selling & after-market activities, thus giving you the ability to change the game in your industry by:


  • switching to service provisioning, upgrading your business model and generating more profitable business.
  • developing customer intimacy during and after the sales process, providing additional opportunities to sell more to the current customers who are loyal to your product


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