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These innovations aim to address some of the concerns related to the ageing population by offering a “life management” service for vulnerable and elderly people. On one hand, a button for medical or assistance staff monitoring their home visits with a direct and easy LPWAN (long range communication) connection that enables to trace them as they provide home care. This system records the number of visits and the time spent with the patient. In addition, it would allow a real-time analysis of data on the house environment (temperature, air quality, etc.).


On the other hand, a smartwatch and other connected health sensors (scale, blood pressure monitor, glucometer, etc.) easily collect a patient’s vital data and make them available to relatives and medical staff.

All data are stored securely in cloud-based files which provide on-going, real-time data availability and data analysis to enable personal and immediate action to be taken by medical staff. Based on wearables and IoT, these innovative solutions help patients live independently while providing formal caregivers with monitoring capabilities and their family with peace of mind.

devolo Home Control


devolo Home Control solutions simplify everyday life at home in a hassle-free way, ensuring full privacy, security, and integrity of the data collected.




The devolo Home Control solution is an easy and intuitive way to control your home, and includes Home Automation, Home Monitoring, and Home Energy Management. The end user can choose the devices and home services supported depending on their individual needs and interests. Control is either via the central unit or a smartphone app. The domestic devices – sensors and actuators – support Z-Wave connectivity and are easily pluggable. The Cloud-to-Gateway connection provides embedded end-to-end security assets prohibiting unauthorized access to private data, as the application and data are securely hosted in the Worldline Cloud.




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