Connected cars

connected cars


e-Car Charger


An innovative charging point for electric cars using the power supply of public streetlights!

Worldline enables electric car owners to recharge their e-car using the energy supply to streetlights and pay directly online for charging their car using our Worldline secured online payment services. This new charging point system also guarantees the security of transactions on a new Android-based payment terminal. This innovative energy supply for cars is in line with the growing development of electric cars both in Germany and worldwide, and fills the gap left by the lack of charging stations in most cities.



The first car-based internet solution with embedded connectivity!




Worldline implemented an e-store for Renault and introduced an in-car payment system. The system’s ergonomics and features have been designed to make Renault R-Link the most secure system on the market for the driver and for the vehicle.


Vehicle Relationship Management App


A web portal with real-time information on the vehicle’s health.

Data are collected on the vehicle each time it is serviced through the driver and dealer interfaces. This solution also enables real-time behavior follow-up, eco drive analytics, and fleet services thanks to data collection and analysis.

Car owners can share their vehicle’s data with their favorite car dealer through an opt-in process in the mobile apps. Likewise, the car dealer can transfer valuable data into the car maintenance book in the VRM app. The data are registered and secured via the blockchain and certify the fair value of the car.

Car maintenance book


A reliable car maintenance book to help trace car repairs and services

This digital car service book uses blockchain technology to record car maintenance. It consists in a peer-to-peer network between car owners’ smartphone apps (Vehicle Relationship Management apps) or the onboard car calculator and garages or other service providers’ apps. Thanks to its blockchain capabilities, this car maintenance book prevents falsified records. The car servicing history will also provide unquestionable evidence of the value of second-hand cars



A flexible, user-friendly mobile phone parking payment in Vienna

Worldline and A1 Telekom Austria developed an electronic parking payment system for purchasing short-term parking tickets with your cell phone. Mobile phone parking payment also contributes to effective and useful parking lot management for administrative bodies. Parking attendants have end devices that are constantly connected to the central system and only require a minimum of input. The devices also have integrated printers for parking fines. Parking data (complaints, parking tickets) are electronically transmitted directly to the city administration.


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Connected cars