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The digital revolution has involved a tsunami of change directly impacting your business and the way cross-border payments and customer engagement take place. Digital retail technologies are mature and there’s no limit to their potential – or the level of customers’ expectations. It’s time to use them to engage with the client. Worldline has already taken several top brands to the next level of the digital experience, a seamless and secure one, so end users are experiencing real disruption with a digital and fascinating brand. The combination of transactional and digital expertise is a key component with respect to meeting customers’ new digital needs. Also, thanks to our payment solutions, seamlessly integrated into your customers’ purchasing path, you will be able to increase your conversion rate and maximize your revenue generation.  


Come and see how Worldline enriches the traditional brand experience using innovative digital retail technologies and secure payment solutions.



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Global Ecommerce Summit

Date and venue

Annual Conference June 30th
Global E-commerce Summit May 31th and 1st 2016

GL events CCIB, SL

Willy Brandt Square 11-14 

08019 Barcelona

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