Showcased solutions

Showcased solutions

Worldline offers a large value proposition for merchants to accompany them in the digital revolution. Our expertise covers digital retail solutions to dynamize your point-of-sale and high transactional services in a secure and efficient way.

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Omni-commerce solutions

In today’s consumer world, the customer expects more. Constantly exposed to a range of media sources and always connected,consumers expect to be able to reach out to a brand in whatever ways suit them best. With WL Omnicommerce solutions, Worldline leverages consumer engagement with a unified shopping experience:

  • Know how your customers interact with your brand
  • Find out what would benefit your customers in regard to the way they shop
  • Leverage this information to provide a new, seamless, personalized shopping experience.
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Energizing Commerce

Worldline is the global leader in the payments and transactional services industry. Worldline enables its customers, large retailers and CPG companies and other businesses to offer smooth, innovative and secure solutions to the end consumer. 

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