Showcased solutions

Showcased solutions

Worldline offers a large value proposition for merchants to accompany them in the digital revolution. Our expertise covers digital retail solutions to dynamize your point-of-sale and high transactional services in a secure and efficient way.

Have a quick overview of the solutions that will be showcased at our booth A39 at EuroCIS 2015

Digital Retail solutions

Our end-to-end, data-driven retail digital signage solutions help merchants promote shopper engagement and offer targeted in-store promotions cross-channel. We work closely with leading market partners in developing these services, such as Samsung, with whom we began a strategic partnership in June 2013. Together we developed digital signage and tablet-based solutions that leverage Samsung’s technology and Worldline’s integration, payment and mobility expertise.

Worldline wallet

Worldline wallet

Worldline Wallet is a platform that enables clients to incorporate a proven digital payment solution into their existing infrastructure for both remote and proximity use cases. It comprises a secure personal data container (PCI-DSS), plug-ins to allow interconnectivity with merchants and PSPs and a strong software authentication service to secure multi-channel payments. It also can incorporate value added services such as loyalty programs and couponing. 


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Multi-channel payment acceptance

Multi-channel payment acceptance

Sips enables e-merchants to accept all payment types, whether online or at the point of sale, regardless of the payment type used: cards, private cards, bank transfers or wallets. Sips provides flexible payment solutions that are completely customizable and adapted to all kinds of payment channels (Web, mobile, tablet, POS, etc.).

Worldline addresses the desire for payment channel convergence giving an efficient answer to new uses, with its payment acceptance solutions and its wide range of terminals, fully integrated to Sips.


Worldline offers a large range of payment terminals as well as innovative and highly reliable security modules for all sectors and needs. 

They are easily adapted to the new uses as:

  • NFC payment
  • mPOS payment
  • Cryptocurrencies at the point-of-sale

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Omni-commerce solutions

In today’s consumer world, the customer expects more. Constantly exposed to a range of media sources and always connected,consumers expect to be able to reach out to a brand in whatever ways suit them best. With Worldline Omni-Commerce, we provide

you solutions to:

  • Know how your customers interact with your brand
  • Find out what would benefit your customers in regard to the way they shop
  • Leverage this information to provide a new, seamless, personalized shopping experience.
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eSEPA Solutions

Certified by MyBank to provide its pan-European services, Worldline eSEPA solution enables e-merchants to propose SEPA Credit Transfer as an additional payment means, as easy and safe as a card payment.

For 10 years, Worldline is investing in Online Banking ePayment and is now recognized as a European leader through its processing of more 200 million iDEAL transactions in 2014.

Thereof Worldline has developed a multi service platform in which banks and payment service providers can offer several e-SEPA services. In addition to MyBank, the European solution, we offer national OBeP and eMandate services like iDEAL in the Netherlands and SEPAmail in France.

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