Showcased Solutions

WL Wallet

Beyond payment, WL Wallet secures the consumer’s digital identity throughout the entire customer journey to make the shopping experience seamless, all the while reducing fraud and increasing security. With the integration of loyalty programs and couponing, or any form of ticketing, it reinforces your customers’ engagement, by giving them access to digital retail services.

WL eBanking Payment Services

Thanks to ten years of experience in routing services through iDEAL and its extensive knowledge of the SEPA payment regulations, Worldline has developed a strong solution integrating other OBeP schemes such as

MyBank. The Multi-Services OBeP Platform is flexible and can be updated to deliver new services such as e-identity checks.

WL Mobile Banking

WL Mobile Banking offers an innovative and comprehensive catalog of services to build a unique customer experience, whether on a smartphone or tablet and for any operating system (iOS, Android or Windows). Based on an agile digital banking platform, WL Mobile Banking boosts your innovation in terms of payments, security or bank account management, with a customizable mobile experience so you can capture all of your customers’ digital moments.

WL Mobile NFC Payment with HCE

WL M-Payment with HCE offers a secure and digital experience and allows consumers to pay easily and securely with their smartphone. By adding HCE to its solutions, Worldline is offering its clients simplification of the complex NFC business model and is facilitating convergence of contactless proximity payments and Internet or mobile remote payments.

WL Cash Club

WL Cash Club is Worldline’s Card-Linked Offers (CLO) solution that enables you to set up and manage a marketplace with all the related marketing services. Its power relies on the intelligence of data mining to perfectly combine the customer, offer, time and place. Monetize your card data for a win-win-win game between banks, consumers and merchants.

WL Trusted Authentication

WL Trusted Authentication makes the most of device and context data to provide a Software Secure Element in regular smartphones or other personal devices, and to protect end users’ most valuable asset: their identity. This solution particularly fits retail banks’ needs, enabling a single, strong authentication method for online banking, 3-D Secure and other digital and mobile services (such as WL Wallet). But it is also intended for any type of organization which needs to make remote access secure for its users.

WL Fraud Risk Management

Fraud prevention and risk management are the responsibility of each stakeholder in the value chain: merchant, PSP, acquirer, card scheme and issuer. It is a trade-off between risk and cost. The WL Fraud Risk Management solution helps them to design their ideal solution, i.e. a solution with very low false positive and high detection rates.

WL  Access Control Server (ACS)

With the ever-rising number of online payments, both banks and issuing organizations face increasing fraud threats. The challenge for them is to provide secure and cost-efficient proof of identity to their cardholder populations. More than 80 banks in the world have already chosen WL Access Control Server (ACS) to manage the 3-D Secure service with a wide range of authentication methods. Worldline ACS solution is PCI DSSand Verified by Visa certified. It can be easily interfaced with external authentication environments. WL ACS is a core component of Worldline fraud portfolio services.

WL Connected Piggy Bank

This demo is a Worldline innovative concept of a banking service personified by a connected piggy bank, providing an educational and fun experience for children and their family while enhancing brand image and customer loyalty

for the bank.

WL Payment Modulator

WL Payment Modulator improves banks fraud prevention services and reduces their call center  costs by empowering their customers. Fully part of the bank security policy, it allows the end user to define the payment settings that will immediately be applied to the next payment transactions. This innovative and user-friendly solution both enhances the bank’s digital image and fosters additional trust in card payments. Highly secured, whatever the channel, it is independent from card types and payment schemes