Showcased Solutions

Showcased Solutions

Worldline offers a large value proposition for merchants to accompany them in the digital revolution. Have a quick overview of the solutions that will be showcased at our booth C50 at Cards & Payments Middle East 2015.



Worldline offers a large range of payment terminals as well as innovative and highly reliable security modules for all sectors and needs. 

They are easily adapted to the new uses as:

  • NFC payment
  • mPOS payment
  • Cryptocurrencies at the point-of-sale

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payment gateway

Payment gateway

Worldline integrated internet payment gateway allows banks and merchants to drive acceptance online. It comes ready with best in class value added services like Quick Checkout, Email Invoicing, Dynamic Currency Conversion amongst others.

omni commerce

Omni-commerce solutions

In today’s consumer world, the customer expects more. Constantly exposed to a range of media sources and always connected,consumers expect to be able to reach out to a brand in whatever ways suit them best. With Worldline Omni-Commerce, we provide

you solutions to:

  • Know how your customers interact with your brand
  • Find out what would benefit your customers in regard to the way they shop
  • Leverage this information to provide a new, seamless, personalized shopping experience.


Fraud Risk Management

Fraud prevention and risk management lie in the responsibility of each stakeholder in the value chain: merchant, PSP, acquirer, card scheme and issuer. It is a trade-off between risk and cost.

The ideal solution combines a very low number of false positives and a high detection rate. For over 40 years, Worldline has designed and deployed a powerful strategy for detecting and preventing fraud. As a result, we provide a combination of services, tools and fraud experts that cover the entire value chain of Fraud Risk Management.

Worldline pay

Processing & Licensing services

Worldline provides end-to-end Integrated Payment services designed to address all your needs, to support the evolving industry standards for channels, schemes and card products. These services are provided under both processing and licensing models to meet consumers increasing expectations, and fulfill your demands regarding increasing card and transaction volumes, fast implementation of innovative functionality and high availability requirements.


Worldline wallet

Worldline wallet

Worldline Wallet is a platform that enables clients to incorporate a proven digital payment solution into their existing infrastructure for both remote and proximity use cases. It comprises a secure personal data container (PCI-DSS), plug-ins to allow interconnectivity with merchants and PSPs and a strong software authentication service to secure multi-channel payments. It also can incorporate value added services such as loyalty programs and couponing. 


Digital contract

Digital contract

Worldline’s Digital contract solution supports customers’ round-the-clock operations, improves revenue and accelerates sales cycles. It places fully digital end-user agreements within business workflows across multiple channels (web, mobile, tablet), using digital signatures and timestamping to comply with regulatory European standards


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