Connect to a trusworthy partner

Connect to a trustworthy partner

Prevent and detect fraud to secure your transactions

WL Strong Authentication Solutions

WL Trusted Authentication
WL Trusted Authentication makes the most of device and context data to provide a Software Secure Element in regular smartphones or other personal devices, and to protect end users’ most valuable asset: their identity. This solution particularly fits retail banks’ needs, enabling a single, strong authentication method for online banking, 3-D Secure and other digital and mobile services (such as WL Wallet). But it is also intended for any type of organization which needs to make remote access secure for its users.

WL ACS (Access Control Server)

With the ever-rising number of online payments, both banks and issuing organizations face increasing fraud threats. The challenge for them is to provide secure and cost-efficient proof of identity to their cardholder populations. More than 80 banks in the world have already chosen WL ACS (Access Control Server) to manage the 3-D Secure service with a wide range of authentication methods. WL ACS is PCI DSS and Verified by Visa certified. It can be easily interfaced with external authentication environments. WL ACS is a core component of Worldline fraud portfolio services.

WL Fraud Risk Management

Fraud prevention and risk management are the responsibility of each stakeholder in the value chain: merchant, PSP, acquirer, card scheme and issuer. It is a trade-off between risk and cost. The WL Fraud Risk Management solution helps them to design their ideal solution, i.e. a solution with very low false positive and high detection rates.

WL ID Center Solutions

Secure passwords must be secret, complex and changed regularly. They are often a source of induced problems. To make them easier, secured and fully compliant with regulations, WL ID Center uses biometric characteristics or ID tokens (smart cards) or a combination of these to securely authenticate users (control access card for employees, hospital staff and patients) or customers (biometric ticket validation for park operators). Biometric data are stored in a fully anonymous manner to respect users’ data privacy.

Absolute trust for secure, simple and seamless digitization services

WL e-Contract Solution

The WL e-Contract solution supports customers’ round-the-clock operations, improves revenue and accelerates sales cycles. It implements fully digital end-user agreements within business workflows across multiple channels (web, mobile and tablet), using digital signatures and time-stamping to comply with regulatory European standards.

WL Digital Preservation

A secure storage suite offering security levels suitable for enterprises, individuals or highly regulated organizations, providing a scalable resource with reduced risk and low costs, and guaranteeing the integrity and privacy of customers’ stored data. Our solutions ensure the safety of the service, retain the legal value of digital documents, provide additional features with easy access to information, control costs and support the transition toward paperless transactions.

All of Worldline's solutions ensure full regulatory compliance.

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