Connected Consumers

Connected Consumers

Connected living  solutions

Worldline Connected Living provides a unique combination of "Internet of Everything" Services Delivery platform and payment process together with a Business Partners services monetization. 

Our goal is to federate Value-add services from a large ecosystem of best in class providers sharing the same secured access to a Connected Object, through our platform Worldline Connected Living, delivered in a SaaS model.

Worldline's Connected Living provides innovative solutions and business models that are suitable for: Connected Vehicles (cars & trucks), Connected Home, Connected City & Infrastructures and Connected Health.




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e-ticket & go

Now, with just a mobile phone, the user can top up its transport card thanks to a dedicated mobile application, intuitively and securely. This way, they no longer have to go to a counter or top-up terminal, the latter being directly part of the mobile phone. Transport Authorities keep their visual identities with their transport cards. The Worldline solution adapts to the existing infrastructure: no validators upgrade cost is incurred.

Automatic Fare Collection (AFC)

AFC enables Transport Operators and Cities to increase their efficiency and productivity in order to provide the best service for passengers. AFC is an integrated multimodal and multi-channel e-ticketing solution, from journey planning, ticket buying, smart ticketing and fare collection. AFC makes transit more convenient for passengers thanks to a single fare collection system and contactless payment.

Remote multi-channel top up system.

Transport tickets can now be topped up anywhere, at any time, with any terminal and using various media.

Our solution aims to work natively on multiple channels. The user will be able to choose to make a purchase on a kiosk, on the Internet, on a mobile phone or even other channels. Our offering, which is compatible with existing systems, facilitates and helps improve the service provided to travelers, through a great alternative to traditional top-up!

Digital Retail

Our end-to-end, data-driven retail digital signage solutions help merchants promote shopper engagement and offer targeted in-store promotions cross-channel. We work closely with leading market partners in developing these services, such as Samsung, with whom we began a strategic partnership in June 2013. Together we developed digital signage and tablet-based solutions that leverage Samsung’s technology and Worldline’s integration, payment and mobility expertise.


In today’s consumer world, the customer expects more. Constantly exposed to a range of media sources and always connected,

consumers expect to be able to reach out to a brand in whatever ways suit them best. With Worldline Omni-Commerce, we provide

you solutions to:

  • Know how your customers interact with your brand
  • Find out what would benefit your customers in regard to the way they shop
  • Leverage this information to provide a new, seamless, personalized shopping experience.

To do so, our approach calls for customer insight, looking at customers’ wants and needs, focusing on improved customer journeys and measurable benefits.



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Cash Club

Cash Club, is Worldline’s Card-Linked Offers solution that enables you to set up and manage a marketplace with all the related marketing services. Its power relies on the intelligence of data mining to perfectly combine customer, offer, time and place.



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